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What's meterN requirements ?
It just need a web server and PHP, no databases are needed. The calendar and curl extensions have to be enable in php.

Will meterN work with Windows ?
Not right now. The code will certainly need some minors tweaks to make it work. Contact me if you plan to run meterN on this platform.

Is it open-source ?
meterN is released under the GNU GPLv3 license (General Public License)

So, it's free ?
Yes but Highcharts, the javascript charting library bundled in this package is free for non-commercial use only.

What is the format meterN understand ?
Check the 'How-to' page. If you make an translator/wrapper for meterN, drop a line on the forum =)

How to update ?
Use the updater and follow the procedure. You may also : Stop meterN, remove everything but keep a copy of "data" & "config" directories. Extract the latest archive on your web server's folder. (tar -xzvf metern*.tar.gz) Import your previous "data" & "config" directories. Then, go into the administration.

Can i assign a meter number to another one?
You can decommission a meter, it allow to reassign a meter to another one.
The detailled data of the last 2 days will be backuped and data will be removed in currently use csv for this meter.

Did i plan to use a database like MySQL or SQLlite ?
No, or at least not in a short future (months,years..). But, if it ever need more complicated statistics, i could consider a dB approach.

Is it multilingual ?

Can meterN send warning messages?
Yes, it monitor your consumption/production and it will send you an email.
You can also use the Pushover or Telegram service to received instant notification on your mobile.

Can i submit code or participate to the project ?
This is a small project. The code and the UI should respect the principle : Simple while powerfull.
That mean simple to admin and to use, light-weight, fast, clean UI, less is more, etc..
Right now, to keep the consistency it is handled by one person.
If you want to submit code, i will decide if it respect the project philosophy.
Bugs clean-up are obviously welcome.

Help :

How to start meterN on boot ?
Edit your /etc/rc.local file and add the line: /usr/bin/curl http://localhost/metern/scripts/bootmn.php
If you use systemd: Download 'metern.service' and put it in /etc/systemd/system then type : systemctl enable metern

The 'Test command' or 'Test live command' don't return anything
- meterN run as http user, you'll need to grant the access to your communication app(s) : chmod a+x your_app(s)
- Usually, there is problem to access the communication ports (/dev/ttyACM* /dev/ttyUSB*) as http user
So, first go in the debug page (debug.php) check what is your webserver's user next to whoami. It's often 'http' but it might be 'www' or something else.
The peripherals are usually owned by the uucp group, add your user: useradd -G uucp http
Then verifiy with : groups http

The 'Test command' or 'Test live command' return something but show "is not valid"
Make sure you respect the good dataset format.

I still can't get it to work or something still wrong
Check the forum first and please always update to the latest release before yelling. The bug/issue may have already been reported and corrected. Sorry but I don't have the time/ressource to maintain previous versions.
You could enable debug mode and restart, then check what the error log returns in the debugger. It usually contain many hints of what goes wrong.
And, please, always test your communication alone and make sure it is reliable before starting mN.